How To Clean White Leather Couches?

There are many types of couches and leather couches are the best among them. They give a great look to your house. They also provide great comfort to people who sit on them. There are many types of couches in which leather couches are the most expensive and lavish. If the leather couches are white in colour, they require more effort while cleaning. You may require professional help for a white leather couch cleaning. There are also many homemade methods by which you can clean the leather couches. To know in detail about how to clean white leather couches, read the blog carefully. 

Clean White Leather Couches

Follow These To Learn The White Leather Couch Cleaning

Step 1- Read The Manufacturer’s Manual- Before you clean the leather couch or any other couch, you must first read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly to know in detail about the couch and ways to clean it. It will help you in knowing about the methods you can use to clean the couches.

Step 2- Collect The Things Required- There are some of the important things required for cleaning the white leather couches. 

  • Dish detergent
  • Stain remover
  • Baking soda
  • Borax 
  • Vinegar
  • Water 
  • Sponge

Step 3- Mix water, dish detergent and powdered stain remover in a bowl. Now mix it thoroughly using a spoon and apply it on the stains on the leather couch. You can then use a wet cloth to remove the solution and after this use a dry cloth or sponge to soak the area. You can now dry the area using a hair dryer to dry the couch thoroughly. 

Step 4- Now mix borax, baking soda with warm water and apply it on the leather couch using a sponge. Once the solution gets rid of the stains and dirt from the couch you can use a clean cloth to remove the solution from the couch. 

Step 5- Now combine vinegar and water in equal amounts and thoroughly mix it using a spoon. Mix these liquids in a bowl and apply it on the couch. Usually 6 ounces of water is mixed with 6 ounces of vinegar. Now apply this solution on the couch using a microfibre cloth and later remove it using another cloth. This solution is useful in removing stains. It also helps in getting rid of the bad odour from the couches. 

Step 6- If the stains are not removed from the couch, you must repeat the process from the start to make sure the couch is completely cleaned and all the stains and smell are removed from the couch. 

Step 7- Once you successfully clean the couch using all the methods, you have to dry it thoroughly. For this you can either use a hair dryer or any other dryer. You can also place the couch under a fan but it will take more time in this process. 

Find Best Professional Services

There are many reasons why you need to hire professional couch cleaners. One is that professionals know all the best ways to remove stains and smells from the couches. Another is professional cleaning tools are very important in removing all kinds of stains and dirt from the couches. 

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