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Get The Most Affordable Furniture Cleaning Services In Your Home

Your couch accumulates dirt, stubborn stains, and grime over time. As a result, it tarnishes and loses its lustre. Expert cleaning is necessary to restore your furniture to its former state. Cleaning a fabric sofa and other furniture can be done in several ways. The most effective couch cleaning method is steam cleaning. 

At Karls Couch Cleaning, we can deep clean upholstery and furniture without using gallons of soapy water or harsh chemicals. Your furniture will stay fresh, clean, and healthy after using our cleaning technology to remove dirt and grime. Your furniture will stay cleaner longer thanks to the absence of soapy detergent in our cleaning solution. You can have a cleaner, drier, healthier home with our furniture cleaning service in Perth.

 Furniture Cleaning services in your home

Types of furniture and upholstery we clean

Not sure if we can clean a certain piece of furniture? Below is a list of the most common furniture and objects we clean. We offer upholstery cleaning services for almost all types of upholstered furniture! We clean everything, from small items like ottomans to larger items like sectionals.

  • Sectional sofa
  • Dining chairs
  • Loveseats
  • Armchairs
  • Ottomans
  • Office chairs

Do you want to clean furniture that is not on this list? Contact our local Furniture cleaning upholstery cleaner to see if we can clean the item.

Our Classic Services For Saving Your Furniture 

  • Stain protectant 

After cleaning, do you want to protect your furniture from stains? Just ask about our stain protection service. We clean your furniture and then apply a professionally formulated stain guard. This shield protects the padding fibres. In the event of a spill, you’ll have time to clean them up before they hit the fibres. A variety of fabrics are compatible with our protectors.

  • Stain removal

Instead of trying to cover furniture stains, use our stain removal service. We make a simple promise: “If we can’t do it, nobody can.” Removing stains from upholstery is our specialty. Wine, juice, soft drinks, chocolate, coffee, lipstick, permanent marker, and many other sources of stains are just a few of the things our treatments can remove or dramatically reduce.

  • Deodorization

We can apply our powerful deodorant as part of our cleaning service to refresh your furniture. We use a furniture freshener that eliminates the source of lingering odours. Instead of just masking unpleasant odours, we remove the molecular source of the odour.

Odours are not only covered by this method but they are also gone! As a result, only the new and impeccable upholstery remains.

  • Pet stains and odours

Pet accidents don’t always happen on the ground. The proven method of removing pet urine stains and odours is part of our furniture cleaning services. Our pet urine removal treatment can detect pet stains using ultraviolet light. We then use our hot carbonation extraction technology to clean the area. Finally, we apply a substance that penetrates the fibres of the padding and eliminates the substance causing the bad smell.

Advantages of Choosing Our Furniture Cleaning

  • Kills bacteria

The bacteria can still be there even if you think you’ve removed the spill from your furniture with enough care. It penetrates the fabric of your furniture and can harm people with allergies or lung problems. You may not even know that your house is making you sick! Your furniture will remain attractive and the focal point of your home after our furniture and upholstery cleaning.

  • Reduces allergies

Your furniture may contain allergens that make you sick because they absorb everything around them. Your allergies can arise as a result of dust, pet hair, and mould that has accumulated on fabrics, making it impossible to breathe inside your own home. We can remove these allergens and allow your furniture to breathe better without fraying or damaging the fabric. You can relieve allergy symptoms and improve the health of everyone else in your household.

  • Get rid of the smell

The way your furniture picks up odours can make your home unbearable. Our cleaning service can help remove musty smells from your furniture and improve the air quality in your home, whether caused by food stains, mould, smoke, or pet dander. So you can breathe easier, and neither you nor your visitors will be affected by unpleasant odours.

  • Improves health conditions

Your furniture acts as a haven for dirt and germs. Our cleaning service can help remove accumulated dirt and grime from your table. It will not only make your furniture shine but also leave your home clean for you to enjoy.

  • Improved air quality

The fabric of your furniture contains a lot of dust, dirt, and allergens, so cleaning it can do wonders for the air quality of your home. When someone sits down, these particles will no longer be released into the air, making the air in your home healthier to breathe.