Can you remove stubborn and old stains from my couch?

Yes, we have certified experts for removing old or stubborn stains from your couches. Moreover, we can remove all types of stains from your couches. Some of the stains we remove from your couches are blood, nail paint, ink etc. Further, we have eco-safe solutions for eliminating stains from your couches. Therefore, for an excellent couch stain removal service call us.

Can I get a couch cleaning booking at short notice?

Yes, we are available for couch cleaning service at short notice. Moreover, we are also available for the same day couch cleaning service in Perth. Thus as per your urgency, we offer a reliable couch cleaning service in Perth. Wait for no further and hire our couch cleaning service as soon as possible.

What are some DIY methods to clean the couches?

There are many effective DIY methods for cleaning the couch. But one of the most effective methods to clean the couch is a mixture of olive oil and vinegar. Thus the above mixture will clean your couch effectively. However, for permanent solutions hire a licensed couch cleaner.