Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic upholstery complements a range of furniture styles well. It is long-lasting, smooth, cool to the touch, sturdy, antistatic, and long-lasting. Because of their strength, synthetic fabrics make incredibly durable upholstery. For a very long time, furniture covered in synthetic won’t exhibit any traces of wear. Synthetic upholstery fabric has built-in antistatic properties. When utilised more frequently, man-made materials are renowned for drawing dust. If your couch or chair is upholstered in synthetic material, it will be more comfortable and require less maintenance—just the occasional brushing or vacuuming. 

It is much simpler to keep synthetic upholstery’s stunning original appearance because of how easily it resists stains. If you have severe stains couch cleaning with glycerin or water is advised. If the covers are removable, your synthetic upholstery can be dry-cleaned, or machine washed. With routine cleaning, the synthetic upholstery fabric will retain its beauty for a very long time.

How should synthetic upholstery be cared for?

  • Select the Proper Fabric

By selecting the appropriate fabric, you may simplify the upkeep of your upholstery. Additionally, the furniture’s lifespan can be increased by picking a fabric that suits both your lifestyle and the upholstered piece. For upholstered furniture that is placed in high-traffic areas, for instance, synthetic fibres are a preferable option. Choose textiles without loose weaves or excessive texture if you have dogs.

  • Safeguard Your Fabric

The best fabric protection is quick action in the case of spills. When the upholstery fabric goes through the finishing process at the manufacturer, where it is typically treated with soil and water repellents, a lot of work is done for you. Mildew inhibitors of some kind may also be applied. Your upholstered furniture can also have additional fabric protectors put to it, either in the store or at home. While preventing spills from being immediately absorbed into the upholstery fibres aids in upkeep and care, it cannot take the place of early cleaning of a soiled piece. Always remove spills and stains as soon as possible, and always use the recommended cleaning procedures recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Turn the pillows

Turning over the loose cushions on your upholstered furniture will help it last longer. What could be more basic? Your cushions won’t immediately develop indentations, and wear and tear will be evenly distributed thanks to this simple maintenance technique. After cleaning, fluffing cushions is another way to take care of them and keep them in good condition.

In addition to flipping them over, move the cushions from one area to the next. By switching out the cushions, you can guarantee that all the seats receive the same amount of use.

  • Vacuum

Weekly vacuuming is recommended for general cleaning and for removing surface dirt from upholstered furniture. Another option is to brush the dirt away using a brush carefully. Use a soft-bristled brush every time to avoid catching the fabric.

  • Spot Removal

Accidents will happen, despite the fact that regular care greatly improves the maintenance of your upholstered furniture. Any spills should be blotted as soon as possible with a clean, folded towel; never rub. This can sometimes be sufficient to remove stains, especially when the fabric has already received a fabric protector treatment totally. Before using any product for spot cleaning:

  1. Test it in a hidden location.
  2. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine whether a water-based or solvent-based cleaner is required.
  3. Use a gentle cleaning product whenever possible.
  4. When dry, vacuum after applying with a gentle brush in a circular motion to work into the fibres.
  • Stay away from the sun and pollution.

The upholstery fabric can become faded due to excessive sunlight. Make an effort to place it so that it doesn’t spend a lot of time in the sun. The case for silk and other delicate textiles is particularly strong here. Smoke and cooking fumes are two examples of airborne pollutants that can damage your fabric. Good ventilation can be helpful even if it’s not always simple to prevent it. Additionally, as upholstered furniture readily absorbs odours, it can aid with odour management.

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