White Cotton And Linen Fabrics

Different types of furniture go well with linen upholstery. It is soft, cool to the touch, strong, antistatic, and durable. Because linen fabric is so strong, it’s incredibly durable. Linen-covered furniture will not show signs of wear for a long time. Naturally antistatic, upholstery linen is a fabric. When used more frequently, synthetic materials are known to attract dust.

If your couch or chair is upholstered in linen, it will be more comfortable and require less maintenance, just the occasional brushing or vacuuming. Linen upholstery resists stains easily, so it is very easy to maintain its original and beautiful appearance. Clean heavy stains with glycerin or water. While the covers are removable, the linen upholstery can be machine washed or dry-cleaned. Regular cleaning will maintain the appearance of linen upholstery fabric for a long time.

How to maintain White Cotton and Linen Fabrics Upholstery?

  • Vacuum your linen sofa regularly

Vacuum your sofa frequently to prevent lint and dust from destroying the fabric. In addition, the suction prevents small particles from getting stuck in the tissues. Vacuum all seams and under cushions that have come loose. This will keep your furniture in good condition and prevent long-term damage. Also, you should use a clothes brush or furniture brush to remove pet hair and small debris from any surface.

  • Do not scrub spills or stains

If something spills on your furniture, wipe it up with a new damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the stain into the fabric, as this will make it harder to remove and damage the fabric’s surface. For best results, apply gently and lift blemishes. Keep in mind that heavily coloured stains on dark-coloured sheets may wash away, leaving lighter stains.

  • Use a mild detergent or soap

A mild detergent can be used for spills and stains that are a little harder to remove but remember to lift the stain rather than rub it. Never use a degreaser, as this will damage the surface. Use a soft terry cloth or flannel; both should be white or very light in colour. Also, a great option is to use baking soda to help remove stubborn stains from fabric. Spray on the stain, vacuum, and then wipe the area with a clean, damp towel.

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight

Linen furniture should not be stored in very sunny places as the sun can damage the fabric. Install blinds on the windows to limit direct sunlight exposure if you plan to place your linen sofa in the sunroom. If your living room is naturally bathed in sunlight, we advise you to choose light-coloured linens to avoid fading.

  • Washing machine, 30 degrees or less

We strongly recommend dry cleaning or professional cleaning of the sofa cover. However, some sofas with removable covers can be machine washed by removing the covers. To prevent the fabric from shrinking, linen slipcovers should be washed at 30 degrees or less and with a slow spin cycle. 

  • Thin fabric

A microfiber cloth is essential whether you plan to lightly touch up a few small areas or the entire surface of your upholstery. It will be used in spot cleaning to remove stains and loosen dirt. It may help to gently wipe down the entire headliner to remove excess moisture from the surface.

  • Soft bristle brush

All cleaning techniques require a soft brush to clean properly. It will be used for deep cleaning. To do this, ensure you have a soft-bristled brush ready for any cleaning you do.

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